Blessed To Be 43!

Yesterday, July 17, 2009 was Pastor Raul's 43rd Birthday. The church members agreed to have a simple gathering to honor our Beloved Pastor. It was just a simple gathering but you can surely tell that everyone loves Pastor Raul. The heavy rain did not stopped them for the celebrating pastor's birthday. Everyone who came last night brought food and that was one thing we enjoyed the most. (he.he.he.)

Pastora Nenette, shared about the importance of honoring our pastor and after that everyone prayed for Ptr. Raul. We ate and and have fellowship with one another. There were some who gave gifts too. :) By the way, if you haven't given your gifts yet, you can still give it to him.. (LOL!) or you may just send a package (he.he.he).

As a church, we are so thankful to the Lord for giving us a pastor like Him. He is a very funny pastor, but He is very serious about God's business. He is a good teacher and a good mentor too. It is our prayer that God will continue to bless him with wisdom, good health and everything that he desires. May his life be continually used for God's greater glory.

To our Beloved Pastor Raul, a Blessed Birthday to you!!!


JesuLalaine said...

Happy bday pastor!!

Joker kau ang kandila sa cake..murag pang brown out! hahahah!! Unsa mn inyo food?

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litlit said...

Happy Birthday Pastor Raul!

Anonymous said...

Happy BIRTHDAY pastor!

The Holleys said...

I'm so late but belated Happy Birthday, Pastor Raul!